Strategic Support

Together we can boost your business!

  • Business strategy: from design and support to implementation
  • Commercial strategy for growth including Sales and Marketing Planning
  • Licensing strategy and support to implementation (in- and out-licensing)
  • Collaboration strategy

Product portfolio

Product portfolio health check

  • Full check-up and analysis
  • Strategy planning and execution
  • Product application expansion
  • Portfolio innovation


Know your business stakeholders and improve performance

  • Stakeholder mapping demonstrating influence
  • Stakeholder management strategies and relations
  • Competitor analysis
  • Collaboration strategies


Work the networks and participate in the relevant discussions

  • Making the most of strategic networks
  • Company positioning at networking events
  • Identifying suitable collaborators and implementing partnerships strategies
  • Collaborative product development

Basic plans to develop and improve your business

Choose your plan



5 full days of consultancy
3 month duration



8 hours per month
over 12 months



Product innovation


Innovating in Bioprocessing at BPI Europe

Chart Biotechnology attended the BPI conference in Amsterdam 9-12/May. The program for these conferences is so comprehensive and there are several parallel sessions, so one needs to focus, otherwise we spread ourselves…